I stumbled across this website that rather intrigued me the other day. It caused me to have to stop and really think about how I would answer the various questions that are posed.

It is of a Pagan nature, it will give you a question relating to some aspect of the Pagan/Wiccan faith, that you then answer at your own blog.

This weeks questions is

Essential Tools

What tools do you feel are essential when performing rituals? (Give the reasoning behind each tool and what it means for your ritual)

In contemplating this I have to say the only ritual tool that I must have is well, me. In that I mean I must be present in mind and spirit to accomplish what I have set about to do with the ritual.
I know that I must focus completely on the task at hand, not letting my mind get sidetracked by thoughts of mundane trivial things.

I have never really focused on the tools in all honesty. I have a chalice and an athame, a cauldron and all of the other trappings that are supposed to be on an altar.

They are all nice and pretty and I do use them, sometimes, but for the most part it is me and probably a candle, maybe a bit of incense and then items to mark the quarters.

I find I can have a ritual and not need all the trappings that we are ” told” we need. She hears and sees my need and desire no more or less with my random altar tools then if my altar was laid out with all the latest and expensive tools.

Thinking about it, My chalice is a hand me down. My athame is handmade by a mountainman naturist I know. It wasn’t purchased to be an athame, but that is what I have I use it for.

The only things that are purchased with intent for a ritual are candles and incense. I try and use the corresponding colors etc. when purchasing those. I have a dish for salt and water and even earth when marking the quarters.
I like using rather simple items, candles, incense, some water, earth and salt.

But in all honesty I could be without any tool whatsoever and still do a ritual or for that matter spell work.

But this is how it works best for me.

Nothing big and grand, for in my mind it doesn’t need to be.

There it is my first in what I hope will be many thought provoking answers ( for me at least ) about my beliefs and spirituality.

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