Personal Ceremonies

If you were to plan your own Wedding or Funeral ceremony, would you create two separate ceremonies for pagan and non-pagan folk, or would you just plan a ceremony around your beliefs. How would you feel if any non-pagan friends or family did not wish to attend such a ceremony?

Bwahahahahahaaaa … I am sorry I shouldn’t laugh, no really I shouldn’t. But for all of you who remember how wonderfully my family accepted the handfasting that the Dragon and I did, well you would remember that my mom called 2 days before the ceremony to tell me my entire family wasnt coming since it wasnt going to be in a church …

2 days I mean come on Mom what the hell! ! ! !

(mind you baby sister got married 2 months later going the civil ceremony way … no church for her but oh she was loved and feted etc )

I got preached to and told I was going to hell, only after tell my mom fine if that is how she wanted to do this, then if she couldn’t come and had decided this at the last minute than I would decide to no longer associate with her or the rest of my family.
Needless to say, that and my future husband calling her a tight assed bitch didn’t make the matter any better. But the handfasting went on like it was supposed to, My mom did show up, oddly though she never once removed her sunglasses. The only other guests she was kind towards were the wee children that were there and my baby brother. He informed me that he had told mom to piss off when she demanded he not attend. To this day I still think she showed up to make sure we didnt brain wash him or something.

So I guess my answer is no, They chose not to come and they chose to judge… I chose to go on with my plans and have a great time and honor the ceremony the way I see fit.
Too bad they missed it.

I feel like the person having the ceremony should have the final say in how the ceremony is done. It is not a way to please friends and family. It is a way to honor whatever the occassion.
Its bad enough many of us have to hide our faith at work why should we with our friends and loved ones. If they truly were ” loved ones” then they would understand and be happy that we were happy even if maybe they didn’t fully understand the ceremony they were witnessing.

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