There has been yet another birth in my ” Phamily” Brother Bo and his Fairy beautiful Wife had their first child, this past tuesday.

Bo is a dad.
Which humors me to no end.

The night I went to see the new wee kin, I went with other phamily, Myk and Duchess. They had been talking about how they are coming up on their 10 year anniversary together. Which made me realize I have known Myk and Bo for over 15 years now. He reminded me that we met when he first graduated high school and started apprenticing for boilermaking. The length of time just blows my mind… Wow I feel old.

I can remember the night we first talked about all of us being phamily, the night he designed the family crest. These people have been closer to me then my own family. We have been bound through rituals of pain, and pleasure seeking hedonism.
We started as a small group of tightly knit friends, doing so many things together it just made sense to be brothers and sisters.
Over time others when we met others who exhibited the same eternal light that we all saw in ourselves were brought in and made a part of the e’light clan. Some of these were good and some well there were those that were much like a snake in the grass, nice and kind until they got what they wanted, then they took the money and ran so to speak.

When I sit back and look at all the different people who are a part of this phamily now it is amazing to me the diversity to be found. I always loved the phamily gatherings we have, with everyone there having good times, good music going, all of that.

With each birth the phamily just keeps getting bigger and better…

Now that I am resolved about Math, I don’t have such stress over me, I am at one with my decision, and it was very hard for me to come to this. I have never allowed myself to do anything less then a B my entire school career. But I realize that stressing over that was getting in the way of me doing the other things I need to, so I let it go. I made my decision and I am ok with that.
Anyways, I am doing great in all my other classes and there is only a month left of school.

I just got a certificate in the mail the other day that I had know clue was even coming, I guess for this past semester I made the deans list. I must say I am quite happy with that.

Now I know I should be focusing on the research papers I have due. Both deal with the effects our society feels from the ever growing power and control of the fundamental and evangelical christian groups. Which is a lot of research and reading for me.

But for some reason whenever I need to break from studying the following things tend to make me smile and then I play them till the Dragon is ready to throw things at me. Don’t tell me to get headphones cause then all he gets is my singing to the music he, then, can’t hear… Which I think would be worse.

Mr Deity

God is his stage name. Frelling hilarious ! ! !

I have loved Weird Al Yankovic since I first heard him on Dr. Demento radio show way back in the day. I love him dearly, I also love Judy Tenuta who is in the following, and while it somewhat embaresses me to admit it, I love Donny Osmond in this as well. Only because I laugh so hard I almost wet myself. This is so wrong… Better then Amish in Paradise

Finally Alanis Morrisette and well what more can I say then that.

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