There is nothing more frustrating and soul sucking then to find when you are almost to a point of being out of the financial hell hole that has been prevelant for the past year or so, something else goes wrong.

Over the weekend our faithful transport Ms. Stella Blue ( even if she was burgandy ) the taurus. Is no more, something to do with the drive shaft or the rack of the car.

This could be considered the last straw for the Dragon and I. Not having a vehicle is going to play havoc with the Dragon and his job. Its also going to play havoc with my being school.

So I must make a decision, I am going to drop a majority of my classes. I am not dropping out completely from school, but I am cutting my course load in half. Of course all of that is based on my hope that my anthropology teacher is willing to work with me.

I am heartbroken, not over the car but over dropping out of school again.
But as I told the Dragon, having a 4.0 and all that is great but what does it get us if we are homeless living in our car?
Of course now it would be a bit more stationary, as far as homes go…
But still not nearly roomy enough for us and the three dogs and three cats.

It would not be pretty.

Anyone have a good reliable cheap car they wanna sell?

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