I belong to a wiccan forum on MySpace, it had been asked that we all introduce ourselves. I have posted my answer below
I went back, read it and realized my many different thoughts and feelings and meditations on my relationship with the Goddess and her Consort were still actually coalesce into something firm for me to finally say yes this is what after much thought and spiritual searching I believe to be true for myself.

Which its cool because it sorta retroactively proved something to me. I had told the Dragon that it was odd that while everything seems to be in a weird flux I wasn’t reacting as I once would. The whole school issue is still up in the air, which bothers me but I understand I have other needs to meet. On top of all the stress from moving in December, surviving the mega ice storm of ‘07, this past semester, then the money problems, and new job worries, all would have typically driven me into a sobbing depression so deep I would only surface to play even more sad sorrowful music, and bemoan everything around me.

So it was nice when I realized the other day while I was crying over the dogs, ( long story unto itself ) that I hadn’t cried like that in a long time. In fact I hadn’t cried in a long time for any reason. I had faced the multiple situations as well as I could and if the situation won. Its like life itsWell there was always another day. The Goddess has taught me that. She helped me realize that each cycle round the wheel we learn lessons, some we just keep learning over and again up till the day we pass on. These being the ones hardest for us to grasp and the ones that perhaps allow us finally release in the end when finally grokked we are truly free.
It is a never ending lesson of “do overs” until you get it right.

Then you move onto the next step.

So what follows is what I wrote in the forum about my beliefs I think I summed them all up quite well.

1. What religion or spiritual tradition do you follow?

I am a Pagan.
I am a Witch, I consider myself a Gree/Hedge Witch or Kitchen Witch.
I am not Wiccan.

Other then that, My sprirituality is something I like to call “lilithism”

I honor the aspects of Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Spirit as I also honor the Lord and Lady in ritual.

I see the Earth herself as the most beautiful embodiment of the Mother Goddess, Her Male Consort the Universe itself.
Just as the Sun and the Moon are the Maiden and Youth aspects.
Time then is the perpetual and infinite Crone and Elder.

I see The Lord and The Lady in all that is around me and of me.

I see Balance in all things as well as its counterpart Chaos.

For in all things they exist side by side, in both the tears of joy and the sobs of sorrow, the evocations of love and the bitter words of anger.
In the red blood of new life and the scarlet hue of strife, death, and destruction.

I believe I have lived a thousand times before and have a thousand more to go till I learn all they wish to teach me.
The Lord and Lady have much to teach, but it is not always easy being the student.
The lessons will not always be quick nor will they be painless. But they are the lessons we all must learn.
This is only a bit of what I believe, it is to me, something more then can be encompassed in a few short paragraphs.

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