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Musical Sorbet

That last video bothered me so much I had to find a music video to cleanse the palate so to speak. Big Smith to the rescue with a fan made video for their song ” don’t call me trash ”

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After watching this video, I was sick. These were the people I grew up with, going to both Southern Baptist and AG churches as a youth. These were also the same people who soured me on organized religion. So full of righteousness and one true way-ism, praying for the end times. Since that was my [...]

The insomnia is back and its worse then ever

The stomach in knots my brain racing as I lie there next to the Dragon trying to calm down, trying not to freak out.
Just wanting to curl up next to my love, feel his arms around, know everything is ok and go to sleep. Is that too [...]

From Dianne Sylvan’s blog Dancing Down the Moon

1 ~ I love how my animals know when I am not feeling well and come and keep me warm in bed.

2 ~ I love how the almost sapphire blue the sky goes at dusk, and how the moon looks in the summer night sky.

3 ~ I [...]

I think it makes me laugh hardest when he runs out of breath and dance moves.

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