From Dianne Sylvan’s blog Dancing Down the Moon

1 ~ I love how my animals know when I am not feeling well and come and keep me warm in bed.

2 ~ I love how the almost sapphire blue the sky goes at dusk, and how the moon looks in the summer night sky.

3 ~ I love the song Godzilla is My Friend by Wade Mueller

4 ~ I love how Malachite looks so swirly and cool no matter what form it is in (raw or polished)

5 ~ I love the fan fictions people write for Dr. Who

6 ~ I love the feeling I still get in my stomach listening to Phil Lesh hit a particularly good bass note in live recordings of “the other one

7 ~I love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

8 ~ I love Dogwood trees

9 ~ I love Eureka Springs Ark. If I thought I could support myself I would be living there right now ( it has always been one of my favorite places even if it is in Arkansas )

10 ~ I love a proper British cup of tea, with milk and sugar.

Now, it’s your turn—go forth to your own blog and make a list of Ten Small Things You Love for No Big Reason.

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