After watching this video, I was sick. These were the people I grew up with, going to both Southern Baptist and AG churches as a youth. These were also the same people who soured me on organized religion. So full of righteousness and one true way-ism, praying for the end times. Since that was my basic religious indoctrination growing up, I had an understanding about all this.
I also had of course a basic understanding of the hypocrisy of religion growing up as well.

My neighbors were Doug and Gloria Wead, friends and confidants to P.T.L. leaders; Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. I saw the other side of the christian ideal of humility, that of Hubris. I saw the fancy house, the sports cars, the money being spent so frivolously. Yet every Sunday there they were in church praising God and all that was holy. Especially since it kept them rolling in the dough. They were some of the first ” Holy Rollers”.

So I had been trying to explain to the Dragon why U.S.evangelicals do not want peace in the Middle East.
The Dragon grew up in Wales, the church he attended was Church of England. I don’t think there much ” holy rolling” or any of the other activities that are prevalent in an evangelical church like here in the U.S.
How it basically would contradict with their predestined time line, found in the last book of the new testament, the book of revelations. How in that book certain acts were described that must come about for the return of the son of god. Certain acts, that it seems the people in this video, want to at least see starting.
So that they can jump start the apocalypse.

This video helped him understand.
How does it make you feel reader?
Is this what you really want for this country and the world?
These people calling all the shots, making all the decisions?
Not me!

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