Witch Cat

Neil Gaiman, Author and Cat
This is Neil Gaiman Author and Cat

My latest Addition to the E’Light Fur Phamily. He is fearless and a bit of a kamikaze.
Until people come over then he runs straight to some dark and quiet spot where no one can find him.

I want a little witch cat
With eyes all yellow-green.
Who rides upon a broomstick
Every Halloween.
Who purrs when she is taking off,
Just like a purring plane,
And doesn’t mind a tailspin
Even in the rain.

I want a cat who dares to light
The candle of the moon
And set its jack-o’-lantern face
A-laughing like a loon.

I want a cat who laps the milk
Along the Milky Way,
A cat of spunk and character
As daring as the day;
But gentle-looking kittens
Are in the stores to sell
And which cat is a witch cat,
I really cannot tell.
Rowena Bennett

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