The Reaping is over
The Harvest is in
Summer is finished
A new cycle begins


As we move round the wheel towards the coming winter, I feel a presence about me at times. She is old, her eyes have seen so much and yet they have more to witness. I keep going back over in my mind when I first felt her there. I can’t really pinpoint a time, she has always been there. Much like her sisters at the loom and the spinning wheel, she has been looking over my shoulder, guiding my hands and heart. For some reason though, I have never felt her sisters as strongly as I do her. Even before I stopped bleeding, she has been there. Always guiding me, whispering low in my ear. Frowning at me when I step out of the circle, but always welcoming me back to the fold when I return.


It seems this time round the wheel I am to learn as much about the Crone as I can.

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