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Lately I have been feeling stagnant. Its why I haven’t been writing here also why I haven’t been really keeping in contact with those people I care about and love. I have felt on the verge of tears for about a month. Now a few years ago that would have meant more issues with the [...]

Eternal Image – Star Trek

Where no geek has been buried before…

The company is going to be offering both an Urn

as well as a casket patterned after the one seen at the end of Wrath of Khan

On the same page there were link to other lines of specialty funerary items. Other “brands” include The Vatican library [...]

The nervous wondering if somewhere out there she is thinking of me. My birthday is only a few days away. Has her mind been on it these last few days? Has she been wondering about me the way I do about her? I am gonna be 38 years old, one of my deepest desires is [...]

colorburst Originally uploaded by MimRedBeard

The cemetery across from my house, took so much ice storm damage I was worried this fall it would not be colorful. My worries were all in vain. It is literally a sea of many different colors, an absolute riot of the [...]

Greenapple Originally uploaded by MimRedBeard

I was in the kitchen cooking lunch when I noticed the striped effect the window blinds were having on the bowl of assorted fruits and vegetables I had sitting there. Looks nice I think, I took a whole series, which is [...]