The nervous wondering if somewhere out there she is thinking of me. My birthday is only a few days away. Has her mind been on it these last few days? Has she been wondering about me the way I do about her? I am gonna be 38 years old, one of my deepest desires is to find my birth mother. Just to know who she is, who my birth father is and where I come from.
Pamela Sue Stutzman, I am looking for you.

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3 Responses to “Its starting again”  

  1. 1 Goddess

    I’m curious as to how you know her name, Mim?

  2. 2 Lilith Sativa

    I was born and adopted in the state of Kansas, they have an open policy when it comes to adoption papers. In January of 2003 I got my pre adoption birth certificate. It had her name, I was also able to get some paper work on the whole process including that my father was in the military, 1969 was the year no guessing where he was probably headed.
    His name though was not included.
    I think that is her birth name she may have married since Nov 1969, so that makes it a bit harder.
    Also I do not have a birth date just a name.

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    That is AWESOME! I want the coffin, it’s sad I still have so many years left until I can use it :)

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