Lately I have been feeling stagnant. Its why I haven’t been writing here also why I haven’t been really keeping in contact with those people I care about and love. I have felt on the verge of tears for about a month. Now a few years ago that would have meant more issues with the girly inner bits.

But since the Hysto of ‘05 I really don’t have that emotional upheaval where I cycle from sweet and mostly kind hippy sister me to the evil twin sister of Medusa who happens to be channeling her most Kali Ma like rage.

Thank the Goddess I no longer experience those extremes so much anymore. But I am trying to work out all the different things going on right now to cause this.

I have been reading a lot. With my new job I have so much down time I can almost read a book a night. Which has been lovely!! Especially since I have been befriended by a local librarian who has been adding books to my hold list for me, ones she thinks I might enjoy. So far she has been spot on and I am discovering a whole new slew of books and authors to adore.

But the stagnation is still there, simmering up from deep within my belly. Stilling the voice in my mind, speaking the words to my fingers as the dance across the keyboard. Right now that voice has to shout just to be heard, the waves of stagnation are crashing so loudly against my mind. It seems to call for something drastic to clear it away.

To break the current trend and set my feet on a new and unexplored section of my path. Some sort of purification ritual of sorts to wake me up from this stupor. To cleanse me inner and outer before the new year begins. But unfortunately by my calender the new year began at Samhain.
I still need some sorta cathartic cleansing, I should know better then to try and hold it to any specific time line.

I have done these types of things in the past, everything from a complete detox, to actually giving away all I owned and moving out of state ( don’t think this time needs to be THAT drastic though ). Not sure yet what to do, but as always The Goddess will show me where my path lies, and hopefully in the process help my voice find its way back from stagnation.

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