I am hoping that 2008 is a better year then 2007. So much happened this past year, to test my patience and try my soul.
But for all the bad there were lessons to be learned and for that I am forever grateful to the Goddess. She knows when I am ready to take that next step on my path, unfortunately I never seem to believe that she is correct.
I am hoping to work more with my own knowledge. I have read and read and read all the books about paganism, wicca, the Goddess. I keep reading, what I need to do is step back from the acquisition of knowledge and actual start some practical application of said knowledge. When I was still in Red Moon Sister Circle, I designed rituals and led them, but then I got my fingers burned and backed off. Must force myself back on that horse.
But that is the scary part, in trying to put together your own set of rites and rituals, you can sometimes find yourself overwhelmed.
So in light of that starting small would be best, working slowly and surely to put together a body of work, that resounds within, that is made of my own words and ideas. Not taken from a book and co opted for the situation. But something I can truly build on as my own.
It then makes sense that The Coven of Three has decided to study the Wheel of the year, the high holy days. Studying all the aspects of each sabbat, the first being Imbolc. We realized we all know a hella ton about each sabbat, but not the whys behind it. We also wanted to take each sabbat and in de constructing it, find what makes it important to each of us personally.

So what do I really know about this high holy day and why is it still important?

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