So many thoughts vie to be written here, but I can’t find the body that fits the tale I am telling. Its as if at the very last second the words all get stage fright and the understudies can not be found.

Lately so many odd thoughts rambling round the brain pan.

Are we creating now the mythos and god stories of a thousand years from now? What fairy tales will come from our day and age? Who will be the enduring minstrels and scribes? What legends are currently being fed to then be fawned over a thousand years from now?

What beliefs will still exist?
Will Christianity and Islam finally destroy themselves and each other in a final duel to the death? While the rest of us just keep on keeping on everywhere else?
I am so tired of my future being decided about such trite shite. It makes no sense to me this whole idea that Everyone has to believe the same way. It just doesn’t work for me. I can’t believe what anyone else believes and by that I mean there is no one else that believes full and to the depths of their soul the spiritual truths I follow. For one really good reason,


mind you I may share certain ideas and thoughts with other people, be of a like mind about an assorted amount of various and sundry things. But in the end I believe what I believe and I really doubt anyone else can say they subscribe to the same :

heathenistic, goddess loving, tree worshiping, music is my sacrament, sometimes sacrifice does require a little bit of blood, I am not a fluffy bunny who only ever sees white light and happy unicorns ( not that anything is wrong with unicorns ), who believes that I truly saw the Goddess spinning her Goddess heart out one night at a Dead show at Deer Creek. She was all in tie dye and about three rows in front of me. (She was so golden and stunning and beautiful floating on the music, spinning round letting the music spill over her gives me goosebumps just to remember all these years later,) that all light must have a dark for balance is implicit in all things, aspires to be the crazy old lady living out in the woods, hooting hollering and whoop ti do-diddly-ing Witch, personal set of beliefs that are so damned important to me.

Can’t just lay blame at the big organized religions either, with the whole believe my way or you are wrong. I have seen and felt the same thing from my pagan sisters and brothers as well over the most random and in my opinion inane shite. For example, I have always professed an attraction to Eris, goddess of Chaos and discord. I have been told no ” serious pagan” would ever claim her as their deity, to which I laugh, HA! At the base of it all is chaos, that is what fills the cauldron from which we are drawn. She has her place round the table as important or not as any of the others. It is to me that she speaks, I claim her.

But I digress my original intent was to ask what are we creating today, that our future kind will look at in some sort of spiritual light. Will the stories that have carried this far, continue on? Or has the world and society changed so much that new tales are as we speak getting made. New heroes, new myths and legends. Born of cutting edge technologies and Science Fiction becoming science fact. Facts and fictions being intertwined, melded together to become the new Gods and Goddesses of tomorrow.


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