School’s In

So far its been ” Fantastic” as the Doctor would say. My English lit Professor, teaching the class on Herman Mellville’s Moby Dick; has a voice that could almost move me to maybe give christianity another think. Blessed Goddess, I am thankful he is an English lit professor and not a preacher man here to save my heathen soul. He admitted the first day that he has a passion for this book, and it shows in the two lectures we have already had. Its been really fascinating, While I love so many of the classics, I always escaped from Moby Dick, so reading it now is wonderful.

Then there is the lit class covering Sci Fi/ Fantasy, I can already tell this is a professor I will need to take for other classes. She is very off the cuff and electric. She has such a vast knowledge of the genre. I have already a new list of authors to add to my own. The professor in my Philosophy class is quite the intense man, he stated in class that at the end of studying each religion we will believe that is the one he follows. He then stated he will not ever tell us which religion he believes in, also he stated that there will be mudslinging when certain faiths are discussed. As he put it, Bin Laden has more then a few counterparts in Christianity.

My Anthropology professor I have had before, she introduced me to one of my favorite Authors, Daniel Quinn, when she loaned me Ishmael last semester. She is so wonderful, and passionate about her subject, and in teaching it to others. I really enjoy listening to her lecture and in talking with her, I have found she and I share more then a few not so commonly held beliefs. She is someone I can learn from and not just in the academic areas; I say this not because she is a teacher, but because she is a plus size woman who actively pursues her passions. She may be a woman of size, but she is also a damn fine professor, an anthropologist; ok she is actually a marine or maritime archaeologist. She works primarily in the middle east. Diving in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Sea. Of course that is just the beginning of who she is.

Walking out of class on Thursday a couple of the guys behind me were talking about how she was so big but so cool . It pissed me off but also in a way made me smile. They were young guys fresh outta high school from one of the smaller towns around here. They probably are having all manner of preconceived notions destroyed. So I know the fact that

OHMYGOD!! She is the Fat!!But she is cool and she is out doing cool stuff and living her life.

I mean really, cant become a maritime archaeologist while sitting on the couch eating the donuts now can you ??

I could tell listening to them talk it was messing with their heads a bit, I hope though its just the beginning and they realize that those once held biases won’t hold up as the move into the wider world.

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