I never seem to have enough, I know this blog has been languishing from lack of attention and I am sorry. I realized though, part of my problem is never being sure the level of seriousness I want to maintain here, do I only want to write about those things that bother me and keep me awake at night. The recession, war, gas prices, cost of living, the presidential race, fat acceptance, grades, money, the hostile work environment I am suffering through, all of them drag themselves through my mind at night tormenting me and keeping truly deep restful sleep at bay.

Or do I want to talk about the light and fluffy good things that have been happening in my life recently?
Like getting accepted as a tutor at the writing center on campus this fall. Which I will admit does cause me some sleepless night but that is a two fold reason, one I have performance anxiety, can I truly tutor? Then there is the fact that one of the stipulations is to have my fellow tutors critique my writings for class. EEK!! I can barely handle the fact that the professor reads my work let alone fellow students. ( and yes I realize the dichotomy I present bitching about professors or students reading my writing on a blog that whole intertubes can see… never said I was completely logical m’kay?)

The return of the New Doctor Who with Catherine Tate as the companion- LOVE IT!! Which I know for those out there with the Rose wish and the Martha Jones jones (hehe) Donna Noble may be not their cuppa tea, but I like her!

My friend Ms. TurtleRex is finishing up a fatty piece of art for me that is going to be one of my next two tattoos. The other is being drawn by my good friend Ian. Hers is a Pentacle and all the elements with so much detail its flipping stunning.
His is a take on the Triple Goddess/ 3 Fates with a comic book feel to them. Both of them are amazing artists and I am gonna be so proud to be featuring their work in ink on my bod, hopefully soon.

I don’t really know which yet- so it may just be more posts like this one till the end of the semester. Which is alright I guess. I do have some things percolating in the back of my mind, which may be future posts and may not.

Until then though Intertubes here are some interesting things I have found in my time surfing the web when I should be writing or doing homework or some such thing.

The first is Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb – Catch the Moon
I love this song

Then I was turned on to this next band by someone on my Twitter list. The band is Gotan Project and the song is called Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre). Oh Goddess I want to learn the Tango now, so smoky hot, and sexy!

alright this post could get out of hand and two vid’s are my limit. I must return to the books and I return you to the ‘tubes.

That is all

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