go away come again another day.
all it has been doing lately is raining. The street outside my house is a river. The ground is swollen with all the water. ( hmmm does this mean the earth has water weight gain?) I never thought about Mother Nature retaining water…

So of course today is the day I must go to the store and buy many heavy items to trudge across my rain swollen yard into the house ( the cat litter, cat food type heavy things )

But it is the first day of summer and the Solstice to boot. Just wish the Sun had decided to put in an appearance to make it complete.

Such is my luck though.

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  1. 1 Livia

    You blogged again! We’ve had so much rain that most of our garden has been drowned. Many of the seeds and seedlings have either been washed up and away or the roots have rotted and molded to nothing. I like rain but I’ve had enough.

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