Woke up today with the definite chill of Autumn in the air. I will have to start bringing plants in soon, from the front porch. The linoleum floor in the kitchen is cold, so very cold under my bare feet. Coffee mugs warm my hands as I walk back to the computer room. The Dragons cigarette smoke seems thicker in the air, as it blows in on the breeze from the back porch. The dogs seem more animated then normal, the cooler weather brings out the puppy in all three of them. Their fur coats getting thicker in expectation of the impending cold. I am starting to see the changing leaves in the cemetery across the street. Fall is coming, my favorite time of year.

I feel bad for not really paying attention to the high holy days of my Pagan faith. It seems this year, I have just let my spiritual practices fall by the wayside. I still acknowledge the Goddess, and try and mentally ground but it hasn’t been going as well. Overwhelmed by all that I have on my plate, I need to work on being more in tune with Her and the world around me. Perhaps getting back into step with the natural world around me and the Goddess herself, will help me deal with the bucket loads of stress I am currently feeling.

Course that stress is not helped at all by the political and economic issues currently filling the news. Sometimes I wish I had a cave off in the hills and I was at the place in my life where I could embrace the inner crazy cat lady who lives in the woods. Sphere: Related Content

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