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What time is it?

Feels like I have once again fallen off the face of the planet. I’m just overwhelmed currently with all the madness going on. School, work and tutoring take up all my time.

I feel like sometimes the Dragon is being ignored and I hate that. I have been trying to set up times for he and I to have some us time, but it hasn’t been easy.

Perhaps over the break between semesters. Fix it to where we could have one whole day together, maybe spend the whole day in bed.

Hopefully I can also take the time to go over some of the rough drafts I have stored here and flesh out some thoughts.

Right now all I can share is that I am really happy that Obama is going to be my next president. I feel like we actually have a chance again, and to quote the newest first lady, finally I am starting to be proud of my country.

I am really sad at the same time that people in California voted in discrimination. Someday every person on this planet will have their right to be happy honored.

I am 39 now and am thinking I may have a midlife crisis this year. Do women get those?

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