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First off, for some reason the permalinks are no longer work for post titles, this is very annoying. It makes me growl and threaten Word Press with the shaking of fist and muttering of imprecations. I am not sure why nor have I spent any serious time trying to figure it out. I’ve been busy. GRRR!
Other then that I am the happy owner of new ink. I have broken down what I consider my mantra, for being in a good place daily, and tattooed it in 3 separate pieces. Right arm, left arm and back of neck. It is a sweet font and just ever so delicate. I will upload better pics soon but these are from my twitpic.

This summer I will have the flower work and stars done. I have been redefining my end body work for so long now, its interesting to see it slowly taking shape.

Its all ground and sky, above and below, the heavens and the earth. The elements and the Goddess with her Consort. It is all my belief system and faith. When I am finally finished many years from now it will mark the milestones I felt important enough to mark permanently on my flesh.

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