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Eternal Image – Star Trek

Where no geek has been buried before…

The company is going to be offering both an Urn

as well as a casket patterned after the one seen at the end of Wrath of Khan

On the same page there were link to other lines of specialty funerary items. Other “brands” include The Vatican library [...]

I have been so busy with school, even now on spring break I have been doing research for the two term papers I will have to write. This semester seems to be going quicker than I would like. Its been harder as well. Math, wow how can something so ” logical” illicit such feelings of [...]


Today was my 37th birthday. I feel brave admitting my age, but in all honesty I am not bothered by growing older .

I had been trying to figure out what to post, how to get over my writers block. I finally decided to post 37 things: little known, interesting, or facts that I personally like about [...]

is it admitting to failure, when I say I cant do it any longer?

The 14 hour days are too much…

I do not have any time for anything I am struggling to keep up with my homework and am not getting near enough sleep

But the discipline is still there, I have yet to not get an [...]

I am pulling all nighters lately staying up way past my usual bedtime.

 I realized it is because… 

The end of summer draws near and I am starting to get nervous.

I am going to be starting back to school in a little over 2 weeks.

I am also going to be working full time.

I know many people have [...]

Tomorrow I go back to school.
I have not been in a class room setting in 12 years.
I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

My last two ventures into Higher learning did not work out as I had planned.
So many other things and experiences got in the way.

Rainbow Gatherings,The Oregon Fair, The Grateful Dead, [...]

I got nothing … I have been so overwhelmed lately I feel that I have no energy left to contemplate what I would want to post. So consider this sorta bringing everyone up to speed on the madness that is Mims daily life.

IF you are coming in late to the game, the pod cast I [...]

I have been so busy this last week, real time and phone sessions both filling up My date book, more than normal it seem and I have a feeling its a karmic joke on Me since I am in the midst of moving. I hate moving. I hate Packing stuff up, lugging boxes and the [...]

Two very different posts from two separate blogs have stuck in My head since first reading them. The first is from Twisted Monk about his experiences at this years Folsom street fair. Reading about his experiences and how he helped someone realize a life long dream, well it was an amazingly touching bit of [...]