Honey Bee Archive

life has taking to kicking me. I don’t know why. It seems every time I get closer to being ok, something comes along and takes me out. Since October first, I have been in 5 near death situations involving cars.

The first one, involved my dear friend Honey Bee and I almost being broadsided by [...]

Someone asked me this past week why I chose to never have children, so many reasons really, of which the following is just a part of those,

As a Bastard child of Adoption. I wish my mother had been given all the options
women today have. Unwed, the father heading to Vietnam, 1969 in Kansas. Buckle
of the [...]

words written by the Honey Bee that I do think deserve repeating….
‘Breathe, Bitch…... Breathe’

You take one look at me,
Don’t like what you see?
Take your opinion home to dinner,
Tell your whole family about me.
Tell your daughter she better never.
Tell your son to stay far away from the likes of me.
I smile.  I have comfort in who [...]