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Random stranger to me – “What are you doing with your life?”

Me – “Being”

Random stranger – “Being What?”

Me – “Just Being”

Random Stranger – “I don’t get it.”

Me – “Thats the problem.”

I have been mulling over this post at Kate Hardings the Shapely Prose , for the last couple of days. Its a nicely [...]

After watching this video, I was sick. These were the people I grew up with, going to both Southern Baptist and AG churches as a youth. These were also the same people who soured me on organized religion. So full of righteousness and one true way-ism, praying for the end times. Since that was my [...]

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There is nothing more frustrating and soul sucking then to find when you are almost to a point of being out of the financial hell hole that has been prevelant for the past year or so, something else goes wrong.

Over the weekend our faithful transport Ms. Stella Blue ( even if she was burgandy ) [...]