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I never seem to have enough, I know this blog has been languishing from lack of attention and I am sorry. I realized though, part of my problem is never being sure the level of seriousness I want to maintain here, do I only want to write about those things that bother me and keep [...]

Imagine Peace

I remember being in the car with my mom driving out to my grandparents house in Rogersville. I had been begging her to let me turn the radio to rock 99 the local rock/pop station. She was a hard sell on it, she only ever listened to KTTS, the local country station that [...]


I was devastated to hear about the death of Luciano Pavarotti. Growing up my step dad listened to some very diverse music and singers, and I really enjoyed it. he introduced me to all kinds of world music, and people I never would have heard, until I was much older.
He enjoyed Pavarotti and played various [...]

Beautiful Music

Nice bit of music. Called C’est le vent, Betty and it’s from Betty Blue.
Which is really called 37°2 Le Matin. It’s by Gabriel Yared.
Would love to find a copy of the whole thing

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Musical Sorbet

That last video bothered me so much I had to find a music video to cleanse the palate so to speak. Big Smith to the rescue with a fan made video for their song ” don’t call me trash ”

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From Dianne Sylvan’s blog Dancing Down the Moon

1 ~ I love how my animals know when I am not feeling well and come and keep me warm in bed.

2 ~ I love how the almost sapphire blue the sky goes at dusk, and how the moon looks in the summer night sky.

3 ~ I [...]

A whole new Broadway

Evil Dead The Musical

From what I understand at least on Broadway, if you sit in the first three rows you can be splattered with blood.

I would love to see this I do so hope it becomes a touring show…




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Republican Clown Posse

 In my travels across this fair city I live in I sometimes see the odd and unusual.
The other day < post election thumping WHOOT! ! ! > I happened to be leaving campus of the college I attend, when I saw the following stickers all on the back window of the same Blazer type vehicle. [...]