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I have to wonder what I am doing here… I feel bad I haven’t written but so many things have changed. I have too many things on my plate right now, between school and finding time to be with the Dragon, living with Phishmans widow and her son, helping them. Its all a bit overwhelming [...]

I know I have been M.I.A. from here, I am just having a hard time thinking about what to write.

Do I continue on the same path, talking about all the perverse fun I am a party to… or do I talk about school and the fears I am feeling. I haven’t been in a class [...]

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When I wrote my cross dressing fantasy, I hadn’t shared it with anyone. Recently though I had the chance to explore the fantasy farther with one of My callers. We discussed its many variables and one he hit on had me intrigued.
When dressing him to be her, I would insert a remote controlled anal plug [...]

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He tells Me that he loves the smoky quality of My voice when he listens to me talk. It turns him on to hear the raspiness in My voice as I weave the fantasy, pulling him in deeper and deeper, My voice engrained in his brain. He sees a woman smoking now and [...]

In making out My post of things I wish to accomplish in 2006 I forgot one big thing … ROPE BONDAGE

I have never really been into the bondage side of BDSM. Just restrain them and let Me have at it… but lately I have been struck by the beauty that rope bondage can contain. I [...]

A few things that I have decided I want to accomplish for the year 2006

For Me Professionally and in the lifestyle sense:

I want to work more on My use of a single tail with an individual.

I want to get better with a scalpel in blood play ( no I haven’t cut anything [...]

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I have always been intrigued by the idea of Cross Dressing but not only in the typical male to female. I have been having this growing fantasy

( key word Fantasy… since I know by mere body shape alone I probably couldn’t pull it off ) of dressing the part of the male, complete with [...]